29 January 2011

WBCOOP, MTTs, Shared Stakes and Cash Games

Thursday, January 27th

The big attraction today was my first run at the WBCOOP. Thursday was also a mixed bag of satellites, MTTs and 90-man SnGs.

Got in a little kerfuffle with another blogger over a hand in the WBCOOP. I had 42o on the button. It folded to him in medium position and he raised to 150. Blinds were still 25/50, so I decided to call. Purely a Snyder move. I had position, so I called. I also still had 3.1K, so a little shot taking wasn't going to kill me. I like doing this with really trashy hands for a few reasons. First, if they miss, they are easy to fold. If they hit, they are usually well camouflaged. Small blind, a really loose calling station called and BB folded. Flop came 3AK. SB checked and MP player continuation bet 375 into the 500 chip pot. This seemed a bit weak considering he was in a multi-way pot. I put him on a weak ace or something like TT. I decided to call the bet. If I get lucky and hit a 5, great. If the turn is a good scare card, I might be able to bet him off his hand. Small blind folded. Turn was a 5. Bingo. He ends up doubling me with AK. Karma is a bitch though. An hour goes by when I get into a 4-way all-in preflop while holding Aces. I have around 6K at this point. Shortstack is all-in for 740 chips and 77. The other two stacks have me covered with KQo and QQ, Flop comes 7Qx. I could stomach the shortstack quadrupling. I mean I'd be sitting at 16K. But the QQ hitting a one outer about near made me flip my gourd.

On PokerStars I also played two 1/4 Million satellites and a Daily Ninety Grand [DNG] satellite as well as two $1/90 KOs. On Full Tilt, I played the $3.30 $4,000 Guarantee as well as a pair of $1/90s.

I didn't hit anything! Wow a disastrous day. Dropped $17.80.

Friday, January 28th
Decided on four-tabling $0.25/$0.50 LHE on PokerStars. Played 1316 hands and lost $14.50. Yuck. 29 BB loss. That's nearly a buy-in and a half. I think I played way too loose. I also was playing a bit like a calling station. I'll tighten on my next session, which should be Monday.

I'm in my final WBCOOP qualifier today.

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