15 June 2011

Vacation, Lack of Playing Time and Black Friday

I was somewhat burned out after the Stars Blogger Championships. Although I was still playing some 45-180 SnGs, I was spending more time doing other things.

Went on vacation in April to my mother-in-law's and my mother. Spent about two weeks away, although I had my laptop. Played spottingly while away. What a wreck. I couldn't log onto Full Tilt in Idaho, because the servers my mother-in-law's ISP had were in Spokane and Washington passed that legislation in November outlawing poker. So.....I'm driving to Utah on April 15th and can't log into Full Tilt. WTH? Black Friday. I sure am glad to be living in the Land of the Free......

So I'm without poker in Utah. Well Bodog, Cake and Merge are still open. Somewhat dejected. Although I have money in 4 Merge sites as well as Bodog and Cake. The traffic is just horrible.

I decided to play bingo instead. Yeah Bingo. That rare form of poker evident at the lowest live Limit stakes offered. You raise UtG and get 8 callers. Flop comes KJ4 and some guy raises you when you bet. People on A6o on a KQ3 flop suckout on your KQ when they stick around for running 6s and no draws. Man, I'm moving to NL when I go back.

Anyway, I have been playing single table SnGs and multi-SnGs when they fill up. Although Merge offers 90s and 180s tey don't fill. I forgot to unreg from a 90 last night and I was still regged this morning. :) Anyway. mostly playing the $2 Merge SnGs, the $2 Bodog Beginner SnGs and the $1 Cake SnGs. I'm running at a woeful 11.73% ROI. I'm break even if it weren't for the few multi-SnGs I've been able to play. Last month I managed some MTTs, mostly because they rarely have big fields so the small buy-in ones are a lot like glorified 90s or 180s.

I'll endeavor to post my results of the prior week each Monday. Good Luck out there!