28 April 2010

World Series of Poker Satellites

I've never played in the World Series of Poker. I've always wanted to but for one $10,000 is a lot to part with, especially someone like myself with a modicum of talent and no real live tournament experience. Certainly there are a lot of satellites out there, but therein lies another problem....I've never been a good satellite player. In fact I could imagine myself squandering a ton of money and still never quite getting there.

However, Internettexasholdem.com asked me to put together an article showing the different satellites offered to the WSOP Main Event. I decided on 8 sites and put together some graphs [seen below] with what I believe are the best satellite opportunities online. Click on the pictures and see what I mean.


Full Tilt

Party Poker

Bodog Poker

bwin Poker

Cake Poker

Everest Poker

Carbon Poker

Good Luck on your journey.

21 April 2010

Bubble, bubble, Toil and Trouble....

Call me bubble boy. Call me Mr. Almost.

It's been a tough road these past few weeks. I've had a lot of money bubbles and Final Table bubbles lately. Certainly, I seem to have cashed some, but the bubbles have been stacking up:
  • Four 6th place finishes in $2 and $3 27-person SnGs
  • One 19th and one 20th places finish in Stars $4/180s
  • 10th in a $2 Rebuy on Full Tilt with 480 runners
  • 14th in the Full Tilt Daily Dollar Rebuy with 4200 runners
Despite not being able to get over the hump [and not being able to close out my multi-table SnGs with a win], I've managed to make a small profit these past two weeks.

Just need to remain focused and eventually, I'll push through.

Good luck at the tables!

02 April 2010

Sporadic Play while on the Road

Visiting in-laws and family tends to detract from adequate poker playing time altogether. I like spending time with my relatives and let's face it, as I age, so do they, so the more time the better. Old stories that I remember, new stories they remember.

I've seen a ton of movies though. A lot of stuff I wouldn't pick out myself, but some that is agreeable. Some that stand out:
  • All Hat with Keith Carradine
  • Storm of the Century by Stephen King
  • Zombieland with Woody Harrelson
Poker has been relegated to a few Daily Dollar rebuys on Full Tilt [one of which I ended prematurely with a hefty stack because I was getting very sick], a few PL O/8 MTTs on Stars and a cash game run of NL5 on FTP. Nothing substantial. Still miffed about getting sick when running well. :(