07 May 2006

OK! So it has been awhile

Started some freelance consulting work on 4/20, so my time for updating my blog was severely crimped. Once I get everything back on track, like my daily gym workout, consulting work, daily poker play, and my responsibilities to my house-husband work, I will also set aside at least a half hour daily to do my blog.

So other than the consulting work, what have I been up to? Well I have an upcoming World in Flames Convention [WiFCON for short], commencing 5/19 through 5/28. Every two years I attend the convention, which has been held in Seekonk Massachusetts or Lansing Michigan since I attended my very first one in 1998. This year a friend of mine is running a West Coast version in Lodi Ca [about 70 miles away], so I opted to play that one this time around. This is a board wargaming convention where we have control of various major nations [Germany, Japan, US, Britain, etc.], and playout the war from 1939 until the Axis are conquered, or the game finishes on the July/August 1945 game turn.

So, what does this have to do with poker? I am proud to say, that my convention fees, gas, hotel room and food will all come out of poker profits. Won't impact my wife and me one iota. Also, ITH, www.internettexasholdem.com, is running their annual convention in August,and I figure it will run me around $800 for the full four days there, so I will also attempt to pay for all of this in poker funds. Who knows, maybe I can money in one of the four tournaments we will play.

I finished April up a little over $500 in profits, including bonuses. I was real happy, because I was only up $150 on April 26th, and this was because of bonuses. That day, I took a long hard look at my game and realized I was playing very poorly. My preflop aggression was horrible, my postflop aggression was horrible. So I re-tooled. I have been raising a lot and really taking the wood to my opponents. Much to my amazement, not only were they folding to my aggression more, but the fish and calling stations started to fold when they missed also. Since April 27th, I have had one losing session in 11 days. I have made over $600 playing $1/$2. Almost $10/hour. Phenomenal.

Today I worked off some hands towards both Pokerroom's $100 reload and Poker Stars' $100 reload.

Today's Total: +$19.35.