07 August 2006

Sunday: What a weird day

I didn't start playing poker until late afternoon. I decided on a £2+£0.25 MTT at William Hill Poker that had 206 players. This figured out to be $4.30. I was doing quite well, getting aggressive at the right times, winning some hands. Ultimately I lost a confrontation with JJ getting called by AK, and I was out in 23rd place. This was good enough to arrive in the money. However, for some inexplicable reason, the final payoff spots [21-30] only paid £2.06! I've seen satellites that have paid whatever was leftover from their awarded seats that had less than the buy-in, but this is just plain idiotic for a regular cash tournament to pay out less than the buy-in at the lowest payout tier. Unreal. So, despite finishing in the money, I lost $0.37

Following this, I decided on a $5+$0.50 HORSE SnG, and didn't fare too well. I missed the change from Razz to 7-Stud High and chased a great low of A234 on a Stud High game and lost my stack. I felt like a donkey.

Sunday's results: -$5.87

06 August 2006

Some very good days

After blogging on Wednesday, I managed to clear my $100 bonus at Pokerroom and an additional $12.20 in the process. Nice jumpstart for August.

Thursday, August 3rd. Played the $3, $10K Guaranteed at 11:10AM PST on Stars, and once again ousted with the better hand when the money went in. I am having such horrible luck in MTTs. Played three $5 SnGs, one at Holdem Poker, one at Party and one at Poker Stars. Lost the Holdem one and the Poker Stars one, but won the Party one despite starting headsup with a 16,000 to 4,000 disadvantage. That was a very nice win for me, increasing my return on investment [ROI] significantly.

Thursday's Result: +$1.70

Friday, with no wargame night in San Jose, I went to Casino San Pablo rather than commute all the way to Bay 101, and settled in for day at the $3/$6 tables there. I won a small pot early and was soon on my way to up $80. Flopping a straight I lost a large pot to a player who had KQs and who rivered his flush. He had odds the whole way, so I wasn't upset in the slightest. Just one of those things. Later I lost a huge hand with KK when a players decided his Q7s was worth 4 bets preflop. Uggh. I hung in there. In my final hour I won three really good hands in a row, including 32o on the button [players post a $2 blind on the button] when I got 20-1 to call the extra dollar. Flopped A45 rainbow, and got chastised by the BB who had AA and didn't raise preflop. That's the reason you raise, buddy. Finished up $180 live. After dinner with my wife, I played a $2 rebuy at Paradise, a $5 $1500 Guarantee at UB, and a $5 MTT at Pokerroom, getting nowhere. I did manage third in a $5 SnG at Full Tilt for a $3.50 win.

Friday's Result: +158.50

Saturday my wife, Susan, and I went to a mall in Concord and roamed after eating breakfast at Carrows. We wanted to go to the Bath and Bodyworks and the Select Comfort. My back has been hurting severely for a month now, and my chiropractor isn't doing any good. So we spent an hour at the Select Comfort, having been already pre-approved and receiving our card from them. We ordered our bed, found our sleep numbers and will be in receipt of it after the ITH Convention. We then attended one of our friend's daughter's birthday. Got home around 10:30. Sue settled in to read and quickly fell asleep. I went online. Lost a $10+$1 MTT on Full Tilt when I lost my JJ all-in coinflip against AKs. I always lose coinflips. I played the Riptide $2 R&A on Paradise for the second straight night. I was out after the break in consecutive hands. I called a shortstack's all-in for a third of my chips with AQ. He showed KQ, I had him dominated. Flop was A43, he hit running J then T for the straight. Very next hand, now at about 3500 in chips I again get AQo. This time in the SB. One player limps, I go all-in, BB folds, limper calls with QTo. Yes!, once again I am dominating. He flops a T, and it's over. Two dominating hands, and I lose both. Unbelievable. Having had enough, I go to UB and play at a NL25 table. I play a little over 1.5 hours and leave up $42.87. I hit a straightflush with 87s [losing hand had the nut flush], I hit a set of Qs and stack two players. I was over $60 up until I hit a JT7 flop with my TT and get all-in with another player who just happens to have JJ. Uggh. No worries.

Saturday's Results: +19.87

August Totals: +$304.17

02 August 2006

Where You Been?

Not doing my blog, that's for damned sure. Funny how well-intentioned things slip by so fast. Here I promised to update daily and I got side-tracked. My online job requires constantly looking at and reviewing things on the internet. When I'm done and I decide to play a few hours of poker, before you know it, I just want to turn the damned computer off.

The picture above is of a player I ran into during my $100 Party Poker bonus chase last month. This is the epitome of a maniac in all regards. And he kept getting very lucky against me. How lucky? I lost $108 chasing that $100 bonus, and he was partly to blame.

But, that was the low-side of July. I managed to clear [including bonuses] over $700 during the month, including a rather lucrative $50 casino bonus at Party as well as $100 casino bonus at Sand of the Caribbean [Sun Poker's casino].

I won't go into any more details, as it would consume too much time. Hopefully, I will continue to blog away.

Take Care!