12 May 2010

2 for 3 in the miniFTOPS

I've had some success this time around in the miniFTOPS. Started off a bit shaky with an exit in hour three of Event #1. I felt a bit dejected because I was playing pretty well and a $22 buy-in coupled with the bad week I had leading up to it was eating into my Full Tilt bankroll.

Things turned around in Event #5, the $10+$1 rebuy. I manage to get through the first hour with a minimal buy-in of $31 and have a stack of around 15K. Once again I play well and do actually get lucky in a hand when I push AQ and run into QQ. I river an ace and build my stack. I lasted into the 6th hour losing KK to AQ when he lands running Qs to cripple my stack. I get A8o all-in a few hands later and exit 366th. I made $124 quadrupling my buy-in.

The next day, Sunday, I decided to play the $33 Event #9, which is the big Sunday miniFTOPS event and had 14396 runners. I play well again, managing to make timely folds when I just didn't feel right about certain hands in multi-way pots and more times than not my uneasiness was justified. With 52K in chips, a loose player raises in front of me and I have TT. I've seen him raise like this a few times and figure he's just making a move to gain chips, so I push in. Unfortunately, the BB wakes up and calls me. As does the Early Position player. BB has QQ and original raiser has KK. Flop comes 988 with a turn of 7, so I'm praying for a T, J or 6, but none come. I finish 674th for $114, another money finish.

I keep seeing those $75K+ first place prizes, but I can't even get to the Final Table.

I'll be writing a series of articles and posting them here as well as at ITH and IPR. There focus will be about micro and low buy-in tournaments with guarantees and the opportunities they provide you.