21 January 2011

MTTs vs SnGs

I'm definitely running better in SnGs than in MTTs. OK, let's face it, my ROI is -100% in MTTs. I don't know if it is the larger fields, worse players [although it's hard to get much worse than your average $1/90 player], or if I just have bad MTT skills or bad luck. Whatever the reason, I've been proving to myself that I am a better small field [27 - 180] player.

Thursday I played a bit of micro MTTs all over. And lost each one. Played the Micro Madness at Poker4Ever. Played a $1 freezeout on Full Tilt and Bodog. Played teh Fast Fifty Freezeout at Lock as well as the $400 Deepstack at UB. I bubbled four of five. Maybe that's it? Maybe I'm a bit too aggressive on the bubble? But my stacks were all over the place and I did take beats. AK lost to AJ on a AQT flop when board ran out 8 and 9. Had a big stack there near the bubble. QQ ran into AA at UB. I had a big stack there. Pushed a short stack ATo in QQ. Pushed short stack A7s into AK. I just don't seem to have the luck in the cusp. Maybe it turns around, who knows.

Today I played two $1/90 KOs and two $1/90s at Stars and Full Tilt, respectively. Trashed at Stars. Out 42nd and 30th with one bounty. That bounty was harsh. I got involved 3 way vs A9o and J9o while holding AQ. J9o won with a running straight. I had more chips than A9o, who had J9o covered, so I got his bounty...and my stack devastated vs a BB who never should have called the push and counterpush.

On Full Tilt I managed a 16th, after AJ lost to AT and 5th. My A7o lost to ATo all-in pre despite flopping a fourflush to my ace. Bleh.

Down $4.12 Thursday, up $3.17 today. Tonight I'm with the guys playing World in Flames. Tomorrow night, my wife's company having their annual holiday party. They do it mid-January so everyone is back from Holiday vacations. Should get another set of four 90s in tomorrow. Or maybe more mayhem in MTTs.

Need to get back to earning money in cash games next week.

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