15 January 2011

Saturday MTT Blahs

What can I say. I don't tend to do well on Saturdays. Couple this tendency with my left should socket tightening up and throbbing half the morning and the unfortunate necessity of taking a painkiller and I was playing a little too aggro for my own tastes. I played a pair of $1/90s on Full Tilt as well as the following MTTs:
  • $1 Freezeout on Full Tilt
  • $5,000 Guarantee [$2] on PokerStars
  • $2,000 Guarantee [$11] on Poker Host
  • The $400 Deepstack [$1] and $250 Guarantee [$0.25 rebuy] on UB
I won't belabor the point. I didn't come close except in one of the $1/90s, where I finished 21st. Don't get me wrong. I didn't make any huge mistakes, I just didn't get the results. I did get it in, in most cases, good. One funny one was pushing 32s after a raise in front when I would have been pot committed. It was the right move. I figured I had two live cards and could get lucky considering the range of my opponent. Neither of us improved and he ended up taking the pot with A high. I can live with that.

Down $19.12 on the day.

Tomorrow I'll be completely away from poker. I also posted a stake at ITH known as Pi's Poker Stake. I'm hoping this is successful. If it is, not only will I grow my roll, but so will all of my friends. If interested, contact me through that post at Internettexasholdem.com.

Good Luck at the tables and see you Monday!

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