11 January 2011

The Beats! The Beats!

Well I made $1.40 in 874 hands of $0.25/$0.50 LHE at Stars and $11.95 at $0.50/$1 at Full Tilt. The beats were unreal today. The epitome was having KK and capping 3 way preflop. Flop comes out KA7 rainbow. SB leads out, BB raises, I 3-bet and SB caps. Turn is a 6. SB leads out, BB calls, I raise, SB re-raises, call, I cap. River A. Same betting pattern. SB has A6o. BB has QQ. SB called a cap preflop with A6o and gets rewarded.

Although I had a multitude of bad beats today, this was the one that tilted me. Here was one of my New Year's resolutions:

"No typing in online chatboxes other than words of encouragement like nh or ty. Failure to do so requires the deposit of a quarter in the bad-boy jar. Said fund will be donated to the Democratic Party on January 1st 2012."

So I made it 10 full days without having to make a donation. Believe me, it's not like the idiocy has been avoiding me. The horrid players are everywhere.

Edit: Finished up the night playing a pair of $0.25/90s on Stars and pair of $1/90s on Full Tilt. Bubbled on on each site and made no money, dragging down my cash game win a bit.

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