12 January 2011

Limit and No-Limit....with some STTs thrown in

Played mostly cash games today with mixed results. 5 winning tables and one that spit in my eye all session. Finished up on PokerStars today at $0.25/$0.50 LHE for $10.70. I had a time of it on Full Tilt playing $0.50/$1. One table was humming quite nicely, while the other required an infusion of half a buy-in more. In the end, however, I finished up $26.55 through 520+ hands. I decided to do some NL10 play on Poker Host. Once again, had a good table and a bad one. Problem is, getting stacked 3 times on the bad one meant digging out of a hole. Something I was unable to do all day. Down on Poker Host by $23.29. Overall profit was $13.96.

I thought I was through for the day, but my wife wanted to catch up on all her reality shows and my shoulder is out of whack, so I stayed off the Wii. Plugged into two $1 STTs on Stars and two $5 STTs on Full Tilt. Managed a 9th and 2nd on Stars and a pair of 3rds on Ful Tilt. Put me up an extra $7.30, so I finished over $20 today. Could have been better.

I pressed a few too many times on that Poker Host table and probably could have saved some of my money. Was hard not to call a shortstack's push while holding AJ on a AKJ flop.

Oh well!

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