15 January 2011

Cash Thursday/SnG Friday

Well it was inevitable. I was running decently enough in cash games that the variance bugaboo had to settle on me. Thursday was that day. I lost a bit in Stars [$4.50] and a bit on Full Tilt [$11.60]. About a buy-in on each site since Stars is still $0.25/$0.50 FL and Full Tilt is still $0.50/$1. I could bump up PokerStars, but don't feel like artificially inflating my bankroll just to play higher. I know I could win at $0.50/$1 there, but am in no hurry.

What does strike me as odd is the huge disparity in number of hands played between the two sites. I played a bit over 4 hours on each site, 2 tables at each, but I played 324 hands at Stars and 619 at Full Tilt. Are the players at Stars really that slow? Broken down, it appears I'm playing 40 hands per hour at Stars and 77 hands per hour at Full Tilt. What the hell? 40 hands per hour is on par [or possibly a little less] than one could expect to play at a live venue with a table shuffler. 77 hands per hour at Full Tilt is a bit more hands than can be expected. I've always expected about 60 hands per hour in an online environment where you are not playing on a Fast/Speed table. This could have huge implications for earn rates and is something I am going to start tracking from here on out.

Friday I decided on SnGs. I have been noticing poor cash game results on Fridays lately. Perhaps the chasing is a bit more loose and aggressive, perhaps it is due to the Europeans being inebriated and much less inclined to letting go hands and/or just getting alcohol-induced aggression. Who knows?

I played a pair of $0.25/90s on PokerStars and two $1/90s on Full Tilt. Managed to get an 11th and 7th on Full Tilt, while bubbling a 90-man on Stars. Didn't have enough time to add more multi-SnGs, so I decided to play some single table SnGs. My choice came down to three $1 PokerStars SnGs, a $2 Full Tilt SnG and a $4 Bodog Beginner SnG. Bubble a PokerStars SnG and managed a 3rd at Bodog. I also went out first hand of the Stars SnGs when AKo lost to 96o which in turn lost to KQo. I'm not folding AK on the first hand of a $1 SnG.

Meager $0.63 profit.

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