23 January 2011

Nice Weekend

After breakfast with my wife on Saturday, I decided on a $1/90 KO and a $1/90 as well as a $1/4 Million $2.20 satellite at Stars. Finished the SnGs in 26th and 34th, respectively. However, I managed an $11 seat win and deregistered for the T$11. Up $6.30 on the day.

We then got ready and went to her company's Holiday Party. I know sounds a bit odd. But her company likes to celebrate it in mid- to late-January so it doesn't interfere with the employee's holiday vacations. Great hors d'oerves. We had a black sesame crusted salad on dark rice, followed by a nice petite Asian spiced filet of beef with merlot demi-glace, scallion creamed potatoes and soy glazed eggplant. Petite desserts finished off the evening's eating. I also partook, heavily in the free wine bar, drinking a nice Evodia Altovinum, Calatatayud 2008 red.

OK. I love to cook, but I'm not heavy on the fanciness above. It's a nice diversion, seriously, but I tend to cook a nice protein [steak, pork, chicken, fish or bison] and pair it with a salad and vegetable. I have enough tricks up my sleeve as well as a lot of recipes that dinner never gets boring. I also tend to do a lot of experimentation to, most often, good results.

I didn't have a hangover, despite my overindulgence, due to a timeless pre-drinking remedy. I take 2,000mg of Vitamin C prior to drinking. No hangover, although there is the tendency to be very tired the next day.

Which I was. I slept in a bit and my wife and I had breakfast. Well I had eggs and oatmeal and she had a chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. My readers should already know that we're on a diet. She's doing Weight Watchers and has lost 30 lbs since she started right before Thanksgiving. I've lost 10 lbs since January 3rd getting back to what I know works. Counting Calories.

Anyhow, back to poker. I did another $1/90 KO and $1/90 at Stars and Full Tilt, respectively. I also played an $8K Guarantee on Stars and a $2 deepstack MTT on Full Tilt. I managed a 16th place finish at the Full Tilt $1/90. That was it. I didn't have time for any more 90s and didn't want to play an 18, 27 or 45, so I opened two tables of $0.25/$0.50 LHE on Stars and won $4.85 in 169 hands. Good for about 5.75 BB/100.

Overall, however, I finished the day down $0.43. Gasp!

I will probably play cash all week as I need to devote ample time to upload tournament schedules this week, plus the added inclusion of the next wave of FTOPS from Full Tilt. I will, however, try to also get in a few more of those juicy 1/4 Million $2 satellites and maybe a $1r Daily Ninety Grand satellite.

Thanks for reading!

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