20 January 2011

PokerStars Score

Well Tuesday didn't go well at all. I started the joint Kinnipak/Pi swap. Twenty $1 SnGs. I'm playing the $1/90 KOs on Stars [10] and $1/90 Deepstack SnGs on Full Tilt.

I played two $1/90 KOs and a non-stake $1/45 on Stars as well as two $1/90s and a non-stake $1/45 on Full Tilt. In addition, I played the Daily Dollar Rebuy.

I finished 10th in a Full Tilt $1/90 as well as 9th in a Stars $1/90 KO. I bombed the Daily Dollar while spending $5 in that overall. Not a good day. Down $10.41 for Tuesday.

Wednesday was better. I played a pair of $1/90 KOs on Stars and two $1/90s on Full Tilt. I added the $400 Deepstack MTT on UB and another run at the Daily Dollar Rebuy. Both tournaments were a disaster. I simply cannot understand how people play the way they do....

In the stake SnGs, I managed 11th and 12th at Full Tilt. I won one of the $1.90 KOs and 36th in the other. 7 bounties between the two. Here's the funny part. I had no bounties when I hit the final table, but picked up 5 there [as well as get mine refunded]. Yikes. Up $19.45 on Wednesday.

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