18 January 2011

Step Away for a few Weeks.....

....and not play SnGs and my results are disastrous.

So I had Sunday off in San Jose. Bi-weekly D&D session. Chrystaline trolls, bullettes and nagas dispatched and crises diverted. Oh and I kept to my diet....always a good plus! I'm down 9.2 pounds since I started getting in shape.

Pokerwise? Hmmm....Not so good.

Played the Daily Dollar rebuy on Full Tilt as well as four $1/90s. At the same time I played five $1/90 KOs. I lost three of the 90s in the first dozen hands. Always well ahead and some hinky suckouts. Between the five KOs I managed an 8th as well as a combined 3 bounties.

Total loss: -$10.41

Starting a 20-game session of $1/90s with my friend from ITH, Kinnipak. We're going to split profits, so I am hoping I keep up my end of the bargain. I'm hoping we both enjoy this enough and maybe do a 100-game set. You can follow my progress through my spreadsheet - here.

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