26 January 2011

Must Be the Most Break-even Player Ever

Monday sees me lose a $1/90 KO on Stars and then final table bubble a $1/90 on Full Tilt. Loss of $0.52. No big deal right?

Tuesday I play another set the same as Monday's, plus a $2.20 satellite to the Sunday 1/4 Million on Stars and a $2.25 deepstack on Full Tilt. I bomb the $1/90 KO on Stars and the $2.25 Deepstack on FT. I do, however, win another satellite seat and de-reg for the T$ on Stars. I also win the $1/90 on Full Tilt. Sweet!!! Up $26.55 for the day.

Then comes today. I decide to play the $1.10r DNG satellite on PokerStars and decide to try one of Full Tilt's new multi-entry tournaments. I kinda knew going in that it was just Full Tilt's way of screwing me out of more buy-ins. I played four tables of the Daily Dollar Rebuy. Two of the tables got to the add-on stage without more than the initial rebuy and add-on, the other two each had an extra rebuy. Starting third hour, I've still got all four tables going with a big stack on one. At the end of the third hour I'm limping along with 5 BBs on one table. Culprit? I still can't win flips. AQs<99, AK<JJ, JJ<KQ, 77< AK. Finish down: $20.10.

I think I'm up $5 on the week and ~$40 on the month. Sheesh.

I know what the problem is. I suck at MTTs with big fields and tons of donks. I simply either can't win a flip or can't win when ahead. I'm really good at losing when I'm behind though.

I also need to keep within my roll and cast off the allure of big paydays until I can play them comfortably. My one exception will be to continue to play the $2 1/4 Million sats on Stars. I may be running good, but these seem very soft and winnable. I'm only 3 for 3, so if I see a downturn, I'll drop them.

My shared stake with Kinnipak is going well.

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