14 December 2010

Sunday Blues and Monday Woo-hoos

Sunday first. Played four MTTs: $3 Stars $5K, miniFTOPS #11 [the KO], a $1K Guarantee at UB and a $1 Donkament at FTP. All I managed was finishing 13th of 470 in the donkament, although I did get a bounty in the miniFTOPS.

On the SnG side of things, it was miserable in two $1/90 KOs on Stars and two $1/90s on FTP, although a 15th place finish at FTP did net $0.70.

Loss of $18.47. ROI: -75.39%

Monday was better. After working and doing some stuff around the house [read: dishes...] I squeezed in four SnGs of varying types. I played a Bodog $4 Beginner STT, a PDC $5 Double or Nothing, a standard $5 FTP STT and a $4 Stars STT KO. The FTP standard STT saw me push AK into the table donk, er chip leader who called my push with 32s and managed to catch a two. I may never understand some players. Meanwhile, despite a bad start in the PDC Poker DoN, I manage to chip up after a few kamikaze steals and winning AK vs QQ. I get into the money shortly after securing my chip position. At Bodog I finish 3rd for $8 after busting AK into AJ. Finally, after yet another slow start I started hitting hands in the $4 Stars KO. Finishing with a flourish as I rack up 5 bounties and the win. Winning hand was A6o and I felt like he was either getting tired or bored. He pushed 82o and I snap called for the win.

Nice hour and a half session for a profit of $15.85 for and ROI of 81.70%

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