15 December 2010

Jury Duty Woes into Poker Bliss

Got a notice just before Thanksgiving that I had jury duty on the 8th of December. Only one problem. I was going to be on the road back from Tunica during that time. So I requested them to move it out. I could have had them ship it all the way to February, but I wanted it done with as soon as possible. They ended up moving it out a day. Then they moved it out another week. So it was slated on December 15th. I was to call in on the 14th after 5PM to see if my group was being called in. When I got the answering machine message, it said all groups needed to call in between 11:30-12Noon on Wednesday. OK. So I still didn't know. I finally call in at 11:40 AM and they took groups 1-6. Ahhh! Nice to be group 7. My jury duty was thus completed and they didn't need me. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!.

OK, so poker on the 14th. It consisted of two Full Tilt $1/90s, a Full Tilt $5 STT, a $1/90 KO, a $2/90 and a $4 KO STT on Stars. I did horribly in the 90s, except for yet another 12th place finish in a Full Tilt $1/90. I finished 2nd in the Full Tilt $5 STT as well as 2nd in the $4 Stars KO, with 3 bounties.

$5.70 profit and an ROI of 25.91%. Good day. I'm might need to concentrate my efforts on single table SnGs and have a couple of 90s in the background.

Today, I did pretty well. Still not knowing if I had jury duty this morning, I decided on a $3 Step 1 on Full Tilt. Managed to win a Step 2 ticket. Finished about 11AM, so did some other stuff waiting to make my phone call. Once I got the all clear, I settled in to play some SnGs. Signed up for a Step 2 SnG, but forgot to use the ticket I had just won. D'Oh! No problem, got a Step 3 ticket in that one too. Woot! Played three Bodog $4 Beginner SnGs. First one I took 4th for a small $1.60 profit. I realized that I had cashed all seven of these I had played. Jinxed myself. I went out 10th and 7th in the next two. I played a $2/27 and two $1/90s on Full Tilt but got nowhere. In the last $1/90 I managed to pretty much bust, when a donkey made a horrible call of my shove and got stupid lucky. You be the judge of this.  Went out 24th in a $1/90 KO then finished 2nd [with a single bounty] in another. A bit down on that one. Once we got HU he had a 2:1 chip lead and we were extremely deep stacked. I managed to gain a substantial chip lead when he caught AQ vs my KTs and neither improved. I get A6s later and shove all-in. He thinks for around 20 seconds then calls. He shows AA. OK, asshole. Slowrolling is not cool. There is no reason for it.

Manage to finish up $25.15 with a 77.5% ROI when the value of the Step Tickets are valued in. Nice day.

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