20 December 2010

Sunday at Bay 101

Sunday was Geek Day in San Jose. I was the Geek Master. Let's leave it at that.....

My wife was in Sacramento and since we start Sundays at 2PM, I decided to go down early and play 3/6 LHE at Bay 101. I got on a table about 10:45AM. Uggh. I blew through my first $100 and rebought an extra $40 in about an hour. I managed no winning hands. Missed draws and one folded winner. I folded 99 on an AKx flop after two other players decided a bet and raise were prudent with their T high and pair of deuces. I hit a couple winners in the second hour, but nowhere near what I had already lost. I had a monster broadway straight that ended up splitting when a guy on A4 hit a gutshot on the river.

Guy on my left elbow was on a heater. Straights, flushes, fullhouses. Oh, to see him at my next Bay 101 table. :)

I left at 1:15PM down $240. Not a problem. The $365 win on Friday leaves me up $125 and some losses just happen.

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