23 December 2010

Online leading up to Christmas

Decided not to play live this week, but am contemplating it next week if I can get some stuff done at ITH and still leave myself with a decent amount of time to play. Have been playing a mixed bag of MTTs, 90s, 45s, 27s and STTs and am down overall -$23.38 for a -49.48% ROI.

Playing as we speak. I played some 90s this morning into early afternoon and took a break for a doctors appointment. Have had some bumps forming on my abdomen and arms. Decided to have them looked at and to meet my new doctor, seeing as how my last one left Kaiser. They're lipomas. Hyper-aggressive, benign fat cells which form when your metabolism is out of whack. Yes, I'm fat. I've already decided I'll be changing my eating habits and continuing my gym workouts. I really did go off the deep end and eat these past two months. Goal is to drop a pound a week in 2011. More if I can, but I'm going to shred it gradually. Back to the lipomas. Doctor told me weight loss will shrink them a little, but they won't go away. I then asked if they could be cut out. They can, but the choice I have is little fatty lumps or scra tissue and the discomfort of surgery.

So call me lumpy. More Christmas Eve.

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