29 December 2010


What a bad day. I played three MTTs and a load of 90s and didn't hit a final table, nor do much better than min-cash. The MTTs were really bad.

I played a DNG Freeroll. I don't like it. It was basically a turbo with 40K runners. Top 7 get their tickets, 8-60 get $5.50. Sure it was free, but with that many runners and the rapid blind pace, it's a slot machine pull. I made top 1500. Wheee. I played a $5 Deepstack MTT on Full Tilt as well as a $3 MTT. Never got anything going. I was basically staying afloat in each through smoke and mirrors, but got nowhere near the money.

I also played seven $1/90 KOs and five $1/90 SnGs. I managed two min cashes in the $1/90s and none in the KOs. I did manage seven bounties total and bubbled 16th twice. Overall, it was a pretty sad experience.

Lost $18.93 while sporting a hefty -78.55% ROI. PokerStars' overall ROI through 221 SnGs has fallen to -14.08%, while Full Tilt's is holding steady, through 202 SnGs at +65.78%. All sites combined, my SnG ROI is at +18.55. Definitely slipping. Even 500 SnGs is no indication of overall ability. Also, I started in late September. I will finish what I consider my "trial run" in a few days and then start anew in 2011. In those blog posts I'll just fish out wins and losses each day and leave the ROI to end of month cumulative numbers.

Overall, I'm happy with my SnG and cash game stats. I'm disappointed with my MTT stats, but then again, I've never been a decent MTT player. We'll see how 2011 shakes out.

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