27 December 2010

Monday Poker

Played a pair of $1/90 KOs on Stars and a pair of $1/90 on Full Tilt. I was runnign well in all four with about 20-25 left when I hit a rough patch. Finished the two Full Tilt 90s in 23rd and 27th place.

On Stars managed a bounty before bowing out 17th in one, but final tabled and finished 5th in teh last one with four bounties. I managed to get it in good versus smaller stacks three times but only once did I garner a bounty. Worst player at the table gave away his chip lead and most his chips overplaying TT on a AKQA board vs AJ. Very next hand, I'm under the gun with A5s and push. Worst player wakes up with another good hand, AK and busts me. Sigh. Donkeys and their card racks.....I might play later after dinner.

Up $2.55 so far.

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