24 December 2010

Good Thursday

Played two sessions of SnGs today, as well as two sessions of LHE. Did well overall.

Played a $0.25/90, a $1/90 KO, two $2/90s and two $1/45s. Bubbled the final table in the $0.25 for a meager profit and finished 9th in the $1/90 KO with four bounties. Neither of the $2/90s, nor the $1/45s went anywhere. However, I had a quick $0.50/$1 LHE session before dinner and a 3 hour session after my wife went to bed that I managed to turn into a $5.85 profit. Not fantastic, but the 1.24BB/100 was decent considering my online LHE is rusty and online, in general, is a much different beast than live.

Full Tilt:
I played a $1/90 and three $1/45s. Nothing happening in 90s right now and two 45s went awry, but I won the last $1/45, which was great. I hit the final table 9/9. Within a few hands a mid-size stack went all-in and lost. I doubled a couple times when bigger stacks gave me mercy calls on my pushes and I really started chipping up. We got to three handed pretty quickly with all three of us in close proximity, stack-wise. One was a very loose-passive player, the other was a rock. My choice was to get HU with the rock. I ended up HU with the loose guy, who started playing a bit more aggressive. After about 10 minutes, I was controlling the tempo and he was making mistakes. I got up huge a few times and he'd get some miracle card to save him. In the end, it came down to him limping A6 to my 86o and me getting the 862 flop while he pushed into my two pair. I won it there. Feels real good!

Overall up $14.35, including LHE results. ROI for the day: +66.51%

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