31 December 2010

End of 2010 Results

OK. I think I've started to figure this out. My test run of SnGs 9-man to 180s started on September 24th and have been met with decent results. Since the vast majority of my play has occurred at Full Tilt and PokerStars, I'll make my comparisons there.

Single Table Tournaments [STTs]: My results are skewed because I have virtually no results - only 33 across the various types and buy-ins. Certain early trends are visible. I'm not playing Double or Nothings very well. Stars standard STTs are not going well. Don't know if this is an indication of 10 player STTs vs 9 player, however. The $3.40 STTs on Stars are woeful. However, the two best results are in the $4.10 Stars KOs and the $5.50 Full Tilt STTs. Possibly less horrid play as evidenced in $1 STTs. Also, the added prize money in the KOs may speak volumes in my earn rate. Overall: +4.36% ROI.

18-man SnGs: Nothing really to say. I only played 4 altogether and ran horrid. Too early to tell. -73.91% ROI.

27-man SnGs: More results here. I lost slightly in the $1.20 FTP 27s and badly in the Stars $2.25 and $3.40 SnGs. I think the 18s and 27s give me problems because I can generally make the final table, but the 4-5 payouts mean that I don't necessarily do well even if I get there. I also didn't win any of them. -21.71% ROI.

45-man SnGs: I should play more of these. If I had started looking at these numbers in detail earlier, I think my win-rate would be much higher. I think I was seduced by the big final table payouts of positions 1-3 in the 90s and 180s. Instead, I should have realized the variance was much lower int he 45s. I won at an alarming 104% ROI in the Full Tilt $1/45s and by 35% in the Stars 1/45s. I also managed a slight profit in the Full Tilt $5/45s. Overall my winrate in the 45s was +54.12% ROI. Now I know!

90-man SnGs: These were, by far, my most played SnGs during this initial run and they were broken down into $1/90s on Full Tilt and $1/90 KOs on PokerStars. My ROIs were +55.62% and -7.66%, respectively. My Stars results were propped up by bounties, but other than this I really can't see why there is such a disparity between sites. Perhaps I play much too cautious in the KOs? I really think it is a combination of playing a bit tighter in the KOs as well as my opponents in the KOs playing much more loose and willing to wreck their stacks when they call my raises and pushes in the hopes of taking my bounty. The other thought is that Stars 90s pay 12 places, whereas Full Tilt pays 18. Although the payouts are flatter, getting a lot of 13-18 payouts could make a huge difference in overall ROI. I'll really take a look at this in 2011. Meanwhile, the Stars $2/90s left me at -15.90% ROI through 34 total SnGs. I also had a small sample size of $0.25/90s. These were usually fillers or standbys for the bigger SnGs. Overall my 90s netted me a +12.54% ROI.

180-man SnGs: Well this has me a bit chagrined. I was doing phenomenally well in the Full Tilt $2/180s. Then a terrible thing happened. Full Tilt decided to change them from $2/180s into $2/45s On Demand. basically what they did was launch them as $2/45s, at which time they'd appear on the MTT menus as "On Demand" MTTs and players would have 30 minutes to register and play. My problem is that they are no longer SnGs, but glorified MTTs. There was a reason I was playing SnGs. The limited fields. When they changed these, I was marking a +169.68% ROI through 31 tournaments. Certainly a small sample size, but an inclination that I might be doing well in them. Part of the big reason I was focusing on the $2/180s at Full Tilt was to make them a stepping stone to two other 180s. The Stars $4/180s and Full Tilt's 180-max $8.80 MTTs which run throughout the day. The top payouts in the $2/180s would be a good start and stepping stone to these higher buy-in SnGs/MTTs. I'm hoping Full Tilt brings them back. Meanwhile, I dabbled in fifteen $4/180s on Stars and none too well. I managed one min-cash and one 8th place finish. ROI in the $4/180s was a poor -58.55%. Despite these losses, and most of the $4/180s were played after Full Tilt abandoned the $2/180s, my 180-man ROI finished at +58.72% overall.

Final ROI across all sites and all types stands at +18.95%, a profit of about $170. Although I cannot figure my BB/100 and ptBB/100 because I've played at various buy-ins and limits, I finished up in cash games over this stretch around $220. MTTs, well, that ROI finished at -55%, bleh.

I'm looking forward to 2011. I will hopefully move up to higher SnG/MTT buy-ins online and start playing $3/$6 LHE and NL200 consistently in a live environment. Stay tuned.

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