26 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My wife and I had breakfast, then proceeded to make snacks for Christmas dinner at my cousin's house. After dinner [and Pie], we came home and watched a movie before crashing for the night.

However, Christmas Eve day I managed to win a $1/90 on Full Tilt. Bad news is that I overplayed my bankroll a bit and crashed and burned in four $4/180s.

If I play $1/90 KOs, even if I lose all four, I finish with a $10 profit instead of a $1 loss. That'll teach me for overplaying. -8.16% ROI for the day.

Today, Sunday the 26th, I managed to lose JJ to AK all-in in the $18K Superstack [using the Step 3 ticket I won earlier in the month] on Full Tilt. I can't seem to hit a flip for a good stack in a more expensive MTT. Although the MTT was basically just a $3/30 loss, it feels bigger because of the real buy-in cost. I also failed to advance in the $2.20 $5,000 Guarantee. Finished out the day with a pair of non-money finishes in a $1/90 KO on Stars and a $1/90 on FTP. Managed three bounties in a 15th place finish at Stars.

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