12 December 2010

A Saturday Where I Win

Not too shabby. Only posted a small win, but I played a diverse range of SnGs and MTTs and managed to bring a little profit.

I started by registering for a $1K [$1.10] PL O/8 MTT on Stars as well as a $5K NLHE [$2.20]. While I was waiting for them to start, I fired up a $1/90 KO on Stars as well as a $1/90 on Full Tilt. Went out really quick on Full Tilt SnG when I lost KK to AQs that flushed the river. I was plugging away, as standard, in the KO, when the MTTs started. I fired up another Full Tilt $1/90, so I had 4 tables going.

The PL O/8 MTT was real squirrely early on. I was getting only the low ends with plenty of low-card hands. I actually won a horrid low when my nut turn high got counterfeited by some player who caught a 4 out fullhouse with no low potential. I didn't make the money ultimately, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. I was getting some spectacular hands. In particular, I had A234 and AA23 and neither improved, especially considering all high flops. How it goes sometimes.

I fared a bit better in the NLHE tournament, moneying for $4.60. I had been in good shape for a long while until a shortstack badbeat took some chips and then a folded JJ after a raise and push convinced me I was beat preflop. 406 out of 5,000 runners. I wasn't too happy how it all fell apart really quickly, but when playing poor players it happens.

I bombed the Full Tilt $1/90, but had another up and running as well as a $4 STT KO on Stars. I monied all three of the remaining SnGs. I didn't get a single bounty in the $1/90 KO on Stars but finished 7th. I also didn't get a single bounty in the $4 but somehow managed to revive a 260 chip stack after losing A9 to TT while the BB was 200. I somehow finished 3rd. Eventual winner was a drooler who called my AKo that I 10BB pushed with 32s. Whatever. I bounced 88 off of AK in the last Full Tilt $1/90 on a flop of KK5. Player was an absolute rock who checked flop and turn. He surprised me well enough and I bubbled the final table finishing for a small profit in 10th.

$3.70 win for +30.58 ROI for the day. All in all, a decent day.

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